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Transport route engineering

The path is our goal.

The PORR Verkehrswegebau is the experienced specialist for the complete realisation of transport routes such as motorways, federal, rural and district roads, airfields and logistics areas as well as outdoor facilities. The portfolio is supplemented by petrol station construction with WHG areas, pipeline construction and landfill construction. 

Our core competences include the economical and safe construction of all types of traffic surfaces using the following construction methods: 

  • Rolled asphalt (in conventional and compact construction)
  • mastic asphalt 
  • Concrete pavements
  • Paved surfaces

With associated companies for asphalt production and building material recycling, we continuously guarantee optimum building material properties and thus ensure independence and economic efficiency in construction. Monitoring by our own building materials laboratories ensures the high quality standards.

Our highly trained employees, together with experienced managers, meet the individual requirements of our public and private clients.

Our range of services in transport route engineering:

Transport route engineering for public clients
Transport route engineering for private clients

Contact person.

PORR Verkehrswegebau Joachim Sunderkemper Technical Branch Manager
PORR Verkehrswegebau Ahmed Belkaied Technical Branch Manager
PORR Verkehrswegebau Frank Schülting Technical Branch Manager
G-S Straßenbau GmbH Wierlings Esch 49
48249 Dülmen
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PORR Verkehrswegebau Christian Zebunke Branch Manager G-S Straßenbau Dülmen
Branch Düren
PORR Verkehrswegebau GmbH Am Burgholz 17
52372 Kreuzau
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+49 2421 40777-0 +49 2421 40777-20
PORR Verkehrswegebau Rolf Klöcker Branch Manager Düren
Branch Berlin
PORR Verkehrswegebau GmbH Maulbeerstr. 10
15834 Rangsdorf
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+49 3375 21079-0 +49 3375 21079-44
PORR Verkehrswegebau Dirk Lohne Branch Manager Berlin
Branch Eisenhüttenstadt
PORR Verkehrswegebau GmbH An der B 112 9
15890 Eisenhüttenstadt
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+49 3364 4229-0 +49 3364 4229-22
PORR Verkehrswegebau Jörg Kanig Branch Manager Eisenhüttenstadt
Branch Münster/Dortmund
PORR Verkehrswegebau GmbH Robert-Bosch-Straße 7-9
48153 Münster
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+49 251 7601-301 +49 251 7601-350
PORR Verkehrswegebau Jan Berghaus Branch Manager Münster/Dortmund


Transport route engineering (Only available in German)

For public clients.

We realise public contracts for the federal government, states and municipalities:

  • Motorways
  • Federal roads
  • Municipal roads
  • County roads 
  • national roads

In addition we realise

  • Earthworks 
  • Developments
  • Park and service areas
  • Pipeline and canal construction
A100, extension of the Berlin ring road Berlin
For reference
Federal roads
B115, renewal of the asphalt Groß Kölzig
For reference
National road
L159, Challenging Road Rehabilitation Schöneseiffen/Hellenthal
For reference
County road
K142 Bersenbrück
For reference
Park and service areas
Hellweg North service area Geseke
For reference
You can find more projects here.
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For private clients.

Our service portfolio for private clients includes: 

  • Outdoor facilities
  • Landfills
  • Airfields
  • Industrial areas
  • Tank farms

Furthermore we realise 

  • Earthworks 
  • Development
  • Park and service areas
  • Pipeline and canal construction
Fraport, renovation of the runway Frankfurt a. M.
For reference
Industrial areas
Westfalen AG Münster-Gelmer
For reference
Municipal waste landfill, "Old brickworks" Alt Golm
For reference
Residential area "Mühlenaue Zülpich-Schwerfen
For reference
You can find more projects here.
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Innovative construction methods in road construction for efficiency and sustainability.

In modern road construction, engineers and contractors are faced with the challenge of designing road surfaces that meet the highest demands for durability, driving comfort and environmental compatibility. Material composition, processing techniques and specific requirements play a decisive role in the choice of paving method. The innovative construction methods contribute to efficiency and sustainability in road construction.

Two construction methods that shape road construction are based on roller and mastic asphalt and offer the benefits of rapid use after paving.

Rolled asphalt is characterised by its composition and processing, which give it great resistance to high traffic loads. Optimum compaction is achieved through layer-by-layer paving with asphalt pavers and subsequent compaction with asphalt rollers.

Particular attention is paid to compact asphalt, where the binder and surface courses are laid together "hot on hot". The key to durability and resistance to deformation lies in the degree of compaction achieved, which is ensured by precise temperature control and modern machinery. Compaction must take place at low temperatures to achieve the desired properties.

If all the special features are taken into account, the result is a surface which:

  • has good grip and is therefore safe to drive on
  • is even and offers a high level of driving comfort
  • absorbs the traffic forces in a firm bond and distributes them evenly over the substrate
  • has a long service life
  • effectively protects the underlay against precipitation and thus maintains its load-bearing capacity.
  • The use of low-temperature asphalt also reinforces the ecological approach, as environmental impacts are minimised.

Mastic asphalt has established itself over decades as a proven, exceptionally resilient and environmentally friendly product. The reusable building material consists of sand, chippings, filler and bitumen and is free of environmentally harmful components. Thanks to its high bitumen content, mastic asphalt is self-compacting and void-free, which further underlines its durability and sustainability.

Areas of application for this technology are:

  • waterproofing on bridges, parking decks and green roofs as a protective layer
  • as a liquid-resistant covering in facilities for handling water-polluting substances, e.g. in agriculture (silos)
  • particularly durable wearing courses in road construction
  • the special design of garden and landscape areas
  • highly loaded haulage and access ramps.

In order to meet the different requirements, specialised processes and state-of-the-art technologies are used. These differentiated processes make it possible to tailor road surfaces up to jointless paving widths of up to 17 m in road construction, air traffic or Industrial areas for the specific requirements of our customers.


Concrete is a versatile building material in road construction that combines durability and reusability. Its applications range from motorways to noise barriers, drainage channels, roadside verges to Airfields, container terminals and fuel and service areas.

Concrete not only meets high requirements for frost and de-icing salt resistance, but is also characterised by fast processing options and high load-bearing capacity. Thus, concrete with the requirements for road construction is used as a very effective building material in new construction, maintenance as well as rehabilitation.

Asphalt mixing plants and participations

In addition to its use in road construction, the building material asphalt is used in the production of air traffic areas and Landfills. We guarantee high production and delivery quality as well as on-time availability through our shareholdings in asphalt mixing plants:

  • Asphaltmischwerke Westfalen GmbH, 48155 Münster, Germany
  • Asphalt mixing plants Westfalen GmbH, 59457 Werl
  • Baustoff-Technik + Mischwerke GmbH, 33659 Bielefeld
  • Baustoff-Technik + Mischwerke GmbH, 32657 Lemgo
  • Nordharz-Asphalt-Mischwerke GmbH & Co. KG, 38828 Wegeleben

The asphalt mixing plants and associated companies have modern, economical asphalt mix production processes at their disposal. The production sites supply both the company's own construction sites and external companies.

Machines and logistics

We can guarantee the professional implementation of your construction project thanks to our broad spectrum and the large number of flexibly deployable, state-of-the-art milling machines and large milling machines, feeders, pavers and rollers in our own inventory.

CMG Gesellschaft für Baulogistik GmbH from Münster, a subsidiary company of PORR, is responsible for construction site logistics including equipment and construction machinery transport. We ensure our high efficiency and schedule reliability in asphalt and construction site logistics with digitally networked logistics and construction site processing. This also includes the necessary bitumen transports for asphalt production. 

In order to stay at the cutting edge of technology, we are actively involved in the PORR working groups BauProzessOptimierung (BPO), Völkel (area-wide compaction control in asphalt and Earthworks) and Surveying.


Ensuring quality requirements is a top priority at PORR. This is also evidenced by our certificates and approvals, which are regularly checked by external audits and independent certification companies.

All certificates, approvals and memberships can be found here: