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Project implementation

Last Planner® System.

We implement our projects using Lean methods as the default, in both planning and execution. Experience has shown us that the last planner® system, with its clear weekly preview, is ideally suited for just about any project. A detailed project realisation plan with intermediate targets is drawn up for this purpose, which expedites the Project procedure.

Reliably achieving our goal by integrating all project participants.

The collaborative nature of the last Planner® system facilitates communications between all the individuals and trades involved. It establishes a shared understanding of the project and the ongoing processes. Increasing the involvement of project participants in planning and work preparation allows realistic assessments to be made. The goal is to minimise sources of error during all performance phases and to achieve continuous improvements on the basis of the existing project parameters. The project participants work as a team – from the work preparation for the overall process to day-by-day control.

Lean brings benefits for the client.

  • Increased planning reliability through the reliable and effective coordination of all trades
  • Time and cost savings through fine-cyclical control of the sequence of daily construction tasks
  • Safety in execution through openness, transparency and trust in the entire construction team


Steps model

Timing planning and clock control.

In takt planning, the construction project is divided into work units, the so-called takt areas. In parallel, the work steps of the trades working in the individual takt areas are combined into trade trains. With takt planning, we define how long an individual production step takes and which work is to be done in which personnel strength during this time.


The beat is the central element.

Each trade train runs through the construction project in a defined cycle with uniform speed and direction. With cycle planning and cycle control, we accelerate and optimise the flow of work during the realisation of our construction projects. Possible weak points in the workflow are detected and eliminated at an early stage through simulations.


Lean brings benefits for the client.

  • Cost savings through high transparency of the overall process and elimination of disruptions and waste in the project sequence
  • On-schedule completion of your project through timed completion of individual construction phases
  • Ensuring the desired construction quality, as errors and problems are detected and prevented in advance


Selected projects.

York-Quartier, Münster
Urban life on the Papierbach in Landsberg am Lech
BALTIQUE residential development, Travemünde