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Sustainable business in the construction industry – a clear competitive advantage.

Long-term economic success underpins every corporate activity at PORR. Here we are involved inconstant dialogue with our stakeholders and always keep an eye on sustainably increasing thecompany’s value. The following points form the basis and contribute to the achievement of our goals:

  • Our five Principles provide the basis for conduct that is morally, ethically and legally sound
  • Fair competition and upholding the law as overarching priority
  • Risk management and customer focus
  • Fair and constructive cooperation (PORR Code of Conduct)
  • Ensure a sustainable supply chain
For staff members Clear guidelines for every staff member
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For business partners The basis for successful and sustainable business relations
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Supplement to the Code of Conduct
Declaration of Principles on the human right strategy
Our compliance management system Principles for disclosing information, anti-corruption, etc.
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Tax Policy
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PORR Principles
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Green Finance Framework
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Catalog of Sustainability Criteria
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Ethics & Compliance at PORR – for fair and constructive cooperation.

Fair and transparent behaviour is our top priority. The Code of Conduct for employees and the one for business partners apply throughout the entire value chain. Together with the PORR Principles, they provide guidelines for conduct that is morally, ethically and legally sound and displays integrity; they also form the basis for all corporate activities and decisions within PORR.

PORR has been the first construction company in Europe to hold certification to ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery Management) and ISO 19600 (Compliance Management Systems) and also complies with ONR 192050 (Compliance Management Systems). The changeover from ISO 19600 to the new ISO 37301 standard took place in 2021. PORR’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001.

The commitment to tax compliance is part of the PORR tax policy, which is communicated in the PORR Group tax guidelines. The PORR tax guidelines lay out the organizational structure of the tax function in the PORR Group, headed by the CFO. The data protection compliance management system is designed to ensure that the risk of a breach of data protection regulations is avoided or minimised.

Responsible enterprise – we safeguard social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain.

At PORR, compliance with social, environmental and quality standards applies to the entire supply chain. In order to make this complex supply chain transparent, we are in close contact with our suppliers and subcontractors. In this way, we achieve an important goal: We ensure sustainability.

We continuously optimize all processes. From the initial contact with customers as well as the bidding and construction phase to handover, good cooperation with all parties involved is crucial for us. We rely on long-term and stable supplier relationships and local procurement.

A detailed overview of sustainable goods procurement at PORR is the set of sustainability criteria for procurement. In order to check compliance with this set, PORR has introduced a supplier audit.