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PORR erects shell for new PVS headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr

PORR Building Construction Region West has been working on familiar ground since September 2023. A few years ago, the building construction team built an extension for 170 employees in the direct neighbourhood of the PVS headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Now the existing building from the 1980s is being replaced by a sustainable new building and the Münster branch has once again been awarded the shell construction contract. All processes are being synchronised with Lean, because the schedule is tight.

PORR builds shell for new PVS headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr


© Architekt: Gabor Kovacs Architektur BDA, Visualisierung: Patricia Bagienski

The energy rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing building was rejected after a detailed assessment. Following the demolition, a contemporary, sustainable head office building with a gross floor area of 7,973 m2 and 2,902 m2 of usable space is being built on the same site according to the designs of Essen architect Gabor Kovacs. The light-flooded building, consisting of a basement, ground floor and two upper floors, is tailored to the needs of the employees. There is a staff restaurant, a roof terrace and plenty of green spaces for breaks in between.

Prefabricated parts reduce runtime

Before the actual shell construction work could begin, a chiselling excavator had to loosen the rock in the subsoil. After excavating the haunches, lift underpasses and foundations, the foundation and basement were completed. The building construction experts are now working their way up floor by floor until the final deadline in July 2024.

Due to the high groundwater level, the outer walls of the basement were constructed conventionally using watertight in-situ concrete. The construction of the other storeys will combine in-situ concrete work and prefabricated columns. Due to the very tight schedule, filigree walls are used in the interior, and many of the columns and staircases are precast.

The strict environmental regulations of the ‘city by the river’ are also a constant companion on the construction site. Following organoleptic testing, the groundwater was discharged into the public sewage system via sedimentation tanks. In addition, the water compatibility of the hydraulic fluids and lubricants used in the construction site vehicles had to be verified. 


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