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York-Quartier, Münster

Facts and Figures
Principal Wohn- und Stadtbau Wohnungsunternehmen der Stadt Münster GmbH
Location Münster - Germany
Type Architecture, LEAN Management, Office, Commercial building, Housing
Runtime 06.2021 - 03.2023

From old barracks to modern residential district

New for old: a total of 450 modern, publicly subsidised accommodation units are going up on the site of a former British military base, the York Barracks in Münster-Gremmendorf. Elements of the former barracks will be preserved in the new York-Quartier development. Parts of the site are under a preservation or monumental protection order. Oevermann Hochbau GmbH and pde Integrale Planung GmbH, both subsidiaries of PORR, were jointly awarded the contract for the third construction stage in September 2020. This job section consists of the construction of 116 apartments. Construction work began in June.

The third construction stage on Site C 10 of the York-Quartier involves the turnkey construction of four buildings, containing a total of 116 apartments plus underground parking for 40 vehicles. The Hochbau team is responsible for the execution of this project and all associated outside facilities. Apartments range in size from 47m² to 127m². The total usable living area comprises 8,691m² of a gross floor area of 16,711m².

Westphalian urban living with a British legacy: the York-Quartier

Site C 10 is one of ten building sites on the site of the York Barracks, a former British military garrison. Once completed, the York-Quartier project will create an attractive new living environment in Münster-Gremmendorf: a brand-new city district comprising 50 hectares of industrial real estate, offices, social infrastructure and apartments. In an effort to preserve the history of the former British barracks for the future, the city of Münster has decided to name the streets, lanes and boulevards of the new district after British counties. Site C 10 adjoins Wiltshire and Norfolk Lanes and Wales Boulevard. 

Strong teamwork: PORR subsidiaries perform well in partnership

Oevermann Hochbau GmbH and pde Integrale Planung made a convincing joint submission in the general contracting competition for Site C 10. pde is acting as general planner for the project, while construction work is the responsibility of Oevermann. The successful collaboration that was so clearly apparent during the tendering process has continued during project execution. Planning began in September 2020 with strong networking via digital planning methods (BIM) in accordance with LEAN standards, and these plans are now being put into effect by Hochbau. The challenge: the entire basement floor, including underground parking garage, was designed as a watertight construction requiring the use of water-impermeable concrete. Any rainwater falling on the site will be permitted to seep into the ground either directly or via pondage areas, troughs and infiltration ditches.

The project is expected to be handed over to employer Wohn + Stadtbau Wohnungsunternehmen der Stadt Münster GmbH in February 2023.

The project was realised in cooperation with pde, our partner for planning, sustainability, BIM and Lean.