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Stuttgart 21, Lot 1A and Lot 1B

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH and PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA in a consortium
Principal DB Netz AG, represented by DB Projekt Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH
Location Stuttgart - Germany
Type Tunneling
Runtime 08.2011 - 02.2019

New high-speed network for Europe.

As part of the 1,500km Highway for Europe, PORR is building the new stretch from Stuttgart to Ulm. Once the entire project is completed, the high-speed network will connect cities and regions with a total of 34 million inhabitants and 16 million jobs in five countries. Also situated directly on the West-East axis, a link between the cities of Paris, Straßburg, Munich and Vienna to Bratislava and Budapest, are the German towns of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Ulm. This section will thereby be a key artery for the economic, political and cultural relationships between Western and Eastern Europe.

It is not only rail routes that are being built in the course of the project; it also encompasses a wide range of construction measures. In addition to engineering structures and the new construction or adaptation of station facilities, there are also plans for a comprehensive urban development project with multiple building construction and civil engineering works:

Lot 1A.
The 9.05km Filder Tunnel consists of two parallel single-track tunnels and connects the south head of the new underground railway station in Stuttgart with the Filder Plain. The tunnel is divided into three sections:

  • The Upper Filder Tunnel is being driven using TBM technology with the help of a multimode shield machine.
  • The Middle Filder Tunnel will pass through the Oberer Bunter Mergel and the Unterer Bunter Mergel over a length of 1.1km and will be realised using the NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method).
  • The Lower Filder Tunnel, with a length of 4.1km, will pass through the anhydrite, unleached Gypsum Keuper. To achieve this, the TBM will be converted to an open shield machine.

Lot 1B.
The Obertürkheim/Untertürkheim connection tunnels will be realised with two parallel single-track tunnels and connect the south exit of the new underground station with the existing railway line. PORR is also using the NATM here. The connection tunnels consist of a main tunnel that will lead from the branch-off at the north end of the Lower Filder Tunnel, heading east to the Wangen branch-off.

The Ulmer Straße intermediate heading is situated just before Wangen, via which the main tunnel to the west and the east will be driven up to the Wangen branch-off. From Wangen there will be a branch heading north, where it will reach the construction pit after around 1km of cut-and-cover tunnelling. A second branch will lead from the Wangen branch-off heading south-east and end in the Obertürkheim construction pit after approx. 1.4km.