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SAPPHIRE by Daniel Libeskind

Photo: Sapphire by Daniel Libeskind in Berlin: The building's distinguishing feature is its 'Libeskindesque' buckled and folded ceramic façade. All flats possess large, asymmetrical window surfaces.
Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA Building construction
PrincipalChausseestraße 43 Entwicklungs GmbH
LocationBerlin - Germany
Type Residential construction
Runtime09.2014 - 03.2016

A unique building with the cut of a diamond.

The SAPPHIRE building project by Daniel Libeskind, with 73 housing units, commercial spaces and an underground garage, is located in a central area in the middle of the Berlin city district, and is conveniently situated at the 'Naturkundemuseum' underground station. The new BND Central building is located nearby. 
It consisted of an exclusive housing and office building in a unique design, with impressive apartments. All of the project's flats are grouped around an inner courtyard with intensive greenery. The rental flats with 2-3 rooms range from the first floor to the sixth floor, and vary in size, from 40 m² to 110 m². All flats possess a balcony or a terrace.

The building's distinguishing feature is its 'Libeskindesque' buckled and folded ceramic façade, which is coated with an extra manufactured metal powder. This makes the building appear different colours, depending on where the light falls. The key features of the construction are the large asymmetrical window surfaces. They offer each flat maximum daylight. 
PORR was tasked with completing construction services and making the building ready for occupancy, and the general planning from HOAI Phase V.