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Santander Group office building, Mönchengladbach

Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
Principal WPC REIT Sant 5 B.V.
Location Mönchengladbach - Germany
Type Office
Runtime 05.2014 - 08.2015

New office location for the Euro zone’s largest bank

At the internationally operating private and business customer bank Santander Group’s existing head office in Mönchengladbach, PORR Germany built a new office building with 24,486m² of gross floor area.

The building complex was erected on a lot 17,880m² in size at Nordpark, close to Borussenpark. The four office blocks are located on top of a single-storey plinth. Located between the three-storey building sections are two access structures each connecting two office blocks with each other. The ground floor is partially recessed and partially projects beyond the office wings. The spaces thus created in the exterior serve as break rooms for the 1,500 employees. 

The carcass was built as a reinforced concrete skeleton with pre-manufactured balustrades. The upper floors’ façade design is dominated by long window strips while the ground floor is clad in a mullion and transom façade. The façade cladding is made from ceramic elements, aluminium covers and, in certain areas, from a thermal insulation system.