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Kleiner Stachus, Germering

Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
Principal Kleiner Stachus Germering Projektgesellschaft mbH
Location Gremering - Germany
Type Office, Commercial building
Runtime 10.2018 - 03.2020

The house was built in solid construction, the supporting structure was made of reinforced concrete.

PORR constructed a 5-storey building complex with a gross above-ground floor area of 6,701m² in the town centre of Germering. The new build in a prime location was designed for mixed use with a combination of retail, office and day nursery spaces. A total of 68 parking spaces in the underground car park plus 22 outside parking spaces and EV charging points provide excellent infrastructure for visitors, customers and commercial tenants.   

Stylish architecture adds value to the location

“Da geht’s ja zu wie am Stachus” is a Bavarian saying (roughly equivalent to the English saying “It’s like Piccadilly Circus”) relating to the famous Karlsplatz in Munich. Before it was pedestrianised, it was one of the busiest squares in Europe. Even the Karlsplatz’s  smaller counterpart in Germering, a small town which is experiencing dynamic expansion as part of the Munich metropolitan region, is an important traffic hub.

As part of an urban development concept, the square had already been upgraded by the addition of a beautiful fountain. The most important intended role? of the “Kleiner Stachus” building complex was to add to the attractiveness of the location.

Modern office and retail centre for a booming small town

The building complex was constructed on a derelict plot of land from which only one old, half-ruined residential building had to be cleared. The complex was built using the massive construction method, with the supporting structure consisted of reinforced concrete. The first main tenant to move into the ground floor of the “Kleiner Stachus” was an organic market. This choice could not have been more fitting in view of Germering’s status as a Fairtrade Town with an expressed commitment to flying the flag of local fair trade.