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Holiday Inn, Frankfurt Airport

Facts and Figures
Principal German Hotel Invest I GmbH &
Location Frankfurt - Germany
Type Hotels
Runtime 05.2015 - 11.2016

A modern airport hotel

The new Holiday Inn Frankfurt Airport is located in the growing Gateway Gardens business quarter with a direct connection, via shuttle bus, to Terminals 1 and 2 at Frankfurt Airport. The 3-4 star category hotel has over 6 floors available with 288 rooms, a conference area on the ground floor, and around 50 parking spaces in the basement. Other necessary adjacent areas are here, such as technical rooms and stores. Moreover, the basement also contains a fitness area for visitors to the hotel, which houses the relevant side rooms. There is a technology centre on the roof. 
The ground floor can be used as an 'open lobby' or a foyer area, with conference rooms attached.

Together with the conference rooms, the lobby boasts an area of approx. 1240 m², which is separate from other areas for fire safety reasons, and is intended for a maximum capacity of 520 people. 
The roof of the square building is designed as a flat roof. The outer façade of the building is coated with sheet metal, and the inner courtyard façade is designed as a thermal insulation system façade. The underground gross floor area comes to a total of approx. 2283 m², the overground gross floor area to approx. 12,418 m². The Holiday Inn Hotel should receive a DGNB Gold and a LEED Gold certificate.