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Green living th62, Berlin

Facts and Figures
Principal MGR Thulestraße GmbH & Co. KG
Location Berlin - Germany
Type Residential construction
Runtime 06.2018 - 10.2020

Construction of six new townhouses with 396 flats in Berlin-Pankow

As general contractor, PORR was commissioned with the turnkey completion of the th62 construction scheme on Thulestrasse with 396 accommodation units and 218 underground parking spaces.

The 1.5 to 4-room flats are located on floors 0 to 6 and vary in size from 44m² to 147m². The total living space measures approximately 30,000m².

Some of the atrium units were rotated to allow more daylight into the flats, which, combined with the large window fronts, creates optimum conditions for direct lighting. 

All six buildings and almost 800 bicycle parking spaces, which are arranged in a two-storey bicycle parking system, can be accessed directly via the underground car park.

Challenges: A special construction method was developed for the installation of the exposed precast concrete elements and cantilevered stairs.

The facade consists of prefabricated exposed concrete elements. This special construction method was developed and implemented in cooperation with the formwork company Doka, and allowed the crew to complete the work without scaffolding, which was necessary due to the restricted spatial conditions.

The entrance areas are fitted with cantilevered staircases up to the 6th floor. In order to concrete the stairs in one pass, 80 tonnes of weight had to be supported down to the basement area.

A smooth transition between living spaces and natural surroundings

The residential ensemble is situated in an 11,000m² urban landscape, not far from the border to the neighbouring districts of Weissensee and the highly popular Prenzlauer Berg. The area is very similar to a park, with no cars. With its landscaped gardens and vertical garden facades, the project blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

A total of 2,460 large plant troughs have been integrated into the surrounding terraces and rooftops of the residential buildings. This creates small, private, vertical retreats – an oasis right in the heart of the city – and helps improve the microclimate in the flats and on the balconies.

All the buildings were fitted with a timber facade and large timber window frames behind the in-situ concrete.

The th62 project has been nominated for the “DAM Prize 2022” by the German Architecture Museum (“Deutsches Architekturmuseum”) in Frankfurt am Main for its exceptional architecture.

Watch the project film to find out more: YouTube link