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Combined Heat and Power Plant Modernisation

Photo: The drill rig, the FRANKI pile driver, creates the foundation. In the background there is part of the combined heat and power plant’s building.
Facts and Figures
Company Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau GmbH Branch Stuttgart
Principal Stuttgart-Gaisburg combined heat and power plant
Location Stuttgart - Germany
Type Specialist civil engineering
Runtime 02.2017 - 04.2017

Modernisation methods at the Stuttgart-Gaisburg Combined Heat and Power Plant

For over 60 years, electricity and heat for the region has been produced at the Stuttgart-Gaisburg combined heat and power plant (CHP). So that in the future heat can be generated in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way, the CHP will be modernised from the ground up. The primarily coal-fuelled CHP will be replaced by a much smaller, efficient and lower-emissions gas heating plant.

FRANKI was commissioned with the foundation using FRANKIPILE NG® and performed the in-situ concrete and steel tube piles. One of the specifications was to remain above the existing gipskeupers. Additionally, dust minimisation presented an important topic. The CHP should be put into operation at the end of 2018.



d = 61 cm,

Nk ≤ 2,150 kN, L ≤ 8 m


d = 42 cm, Nk ≤ 550 kN

L ≤ 8 m

10 Steel tube piles,

d = 41 cm, Nk ≤ 300 kN,

L ≤ 8 m

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