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Alexander – Berlin’s Capital Tower

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Design & Engineering Deutschland GmbH
Principal MonArch Dritte Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & CO. KG
Location Berlin - Germany
Type Architecture, Sustainability, Tender management, Technical building services planning, Building physics, Building preparation, Fire protection, General planning, Structural design
Service duration 03.2017 - 03.2020

Berlin’s new capital tower is taking shape.

As part of the revamp of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, a high-rise ensemble with a height of 150m and gross floor space of 42,000m² is being built on the corner of Grunerstraße and Alexanderstraße. The building will boast 37 storeys in total, with a shopping centre on the first three floors, a fitness area on floors 4 and 5, offices up to the 24th floor, a single storey dedicated to technical services, and then freehold flats on the top twelve floors. Access to the tower will be provided by the central entrances and lobbies on Alexanderstraße.

On this project PORR is responsible for the general design and planning of phases 2 to 5 – architecture, technical building services, construction preparation and sustainability. LEED certification for the entire building is part of the planning process.

The building has been designed by O&O Baukunst. The plans for the new landmark are based on a stratospheric motif with a base structure and a double-tower motif above it. As part of the urban development project Alexanderplatz Berlin, the tower will be the first high-rise on the square, lending a lighthouse character. This means that the highest demands of design autonomy for the building are combined with sustainable quality in a changing environment.

The fundamental structure of the facade employs the concept of a tectonic translation of the structural system in the building’s exterior shell. Here, the plastic relief of the stone grid continuously changes from the base to the attic. The entire grid will be joined up using massive frame components as wide as the main axis and as high as the storeys. Within this structure, the facade generates the greatest possible transparency.

The project was realised in cooperation with pde, our partner for planning, sustainability, BIM and Lean.