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Towards a “green building site”

Stump-Franki shows the way at the DigitalNetworkingDays22. The shift towards sustainable construction and a “green” building site is well underway. With its Greenpile pile system, which includes slim displacement piles such as the Frankipfahl NG®, Stump-Franki is contributing to conserving resources and reducing CO2 emissions on the construction site.


A digital event series called “digital networking days” was held from 27 to 29 September 2022. It is organised by the trade publications INDUSTRIAL Production, KUNSTSTOFF MAGAZIN, materialfluss, LABO and Baugewerbe. The event features practical presentations, best-practice examples and workshops on the topic of sustainability. Peter Deutsch, project manager at Stump-Franki, a subsidiary of PORR, was invited to give a talk. His presentation took the audience on a tour of a “green building site”.

The NeckarPark district in Stuttgart is a showcase project for sustainable urban development. Beneath the 22-hectare mixed quarter flow vital mineral and medicinal waters.  Stump-Franki produced an environmentally friendly pile foundation for the Stuttgart project, sealed from below with a soft gel injection slab. Using the Frankipfahl NG® for the pile foundation, for example, saves 68% of carbon emissions – or 650 tonnes – compared to using large-diameter drilled piles. By way of illustration: a beech tree would have to grow for about 80 years in order to absorb a single tonne of CO2.


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