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U5 Europaviertel: 3rd stiffener layer constructed at Güterplatz - excavation started to final depth

The construction progress at Güterplatz in Frankfurt am Main is visible: one of Frankfurt's deepest excavation pits is taking shape - around 180 metres long, 30 metres wide on average and 24 metres deep. The U5 Europaviertel consortium, consisting of PORR's civil engineering, foundation engineering and tunnelling divisions, is currently working flat out to realise the Güterplatz underground station as part of the extension of the U5 line into the Europaviertel district. The third stiffener layer of the excavation pit was completed at the end of October 2023. Excavation to the final depth for one of the deepest excavation pits in Frankfurt am Main is underway.

The construction progress at Güterplatz in Frankfurt am Main is visible: one of Frankfurt's deepest construction pits is taking shape.


© SBEV / Helbig

Due to its enormous dimensions, the excavation pit at Güterplatz is exposed to considerable external earth and water pressure, which necessitated the installation of three layer-sized reinforced concrete stiffeners. These reinforcements are designed to absorb the external forces. In addition, the two tunnel tubes within the excavation pit enclosure were exposed and demolished in stages. Now that the third bracing layer has been completed and the accesses to the tunnel tubes on the east and west sides have been uncovered, the final excavation of around 2.5 metres to a final depth of 24 metres is due to take place in the coming weeks.

Construction of the base of the structure

Once this phase has been completed, civil engineering will begin with the actual construction of the station structure. First, a 0.5 metre thick sub-concrete base will be constructed, followed by the actual 2 metre thick base of the future Güterplatz light rail station. It will ultimately take on the stiffening function of the third stiffener layer, which will then be dismantled. The base of the structure is being built step by step by installing formwork and reinforcement in defined sections before these are then concreted.


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