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Study "Fairness on the Job" 2023: PORR sets benchmark in the "construction company" sector

The study "Fairness in the Job" examines which companies in Germany create particularly fair conditions for employees. The Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) was commissioned by DEUTSCHLAND TEST to investigate this question. The 20,000 companies with the most employees in Germany were examined with regard to fairness, corporate culture and working atmosphere. The results of the study, which were published in FOCUS magazine issue 12 (2023), show: PORR is the front-runner in the construction company sector.

PORR receives the Fairness on the Job award © PORR

The score was calculated on a sector-specific basis on a scale of 0 to 100 points. With 100 points, PORR sets the benchmark in the "Construction Companies" sector and thus receives the "Highest Fairness in the Job" award. With this award, PORR underlines the importance of its values and demonstrates the high value placed on recognition and fairness in its corporate culture.

The IMWF conducted the survey methodically in two steps: First, the data was collected in the form of social listening. First, the data was collected in the form of social listening, whereby a source set was created from all freely accessible online texts containing the keywords "corporate culture", "working climate" and/or "fairness", as well as likes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Subsequently, the data was divided into text fragments using artificial intelligence methods and analysed in three stages according to which company is mentioned, with which topic and which tone. In order to determine scores for each company and each topic, the values range and tonality balance were calculated. The survey fields "working climate" and "corporate culture" were each included in the evaluation at 25 per cent; the topic area "fairness" received 50 per cent in the evaluation weighting.


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