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Highlight project completed: Filstal bridge put into operation

After almost ten years of demanding civil engineering in close cooperation, the time has come: The Filstal bridge project of the consortium EÜ Filstal Max Bögl/PORR is largely completed. Since 11 December 2022, rail traffic has been rolling over the Filstal railway overpass as part of the new Wendlingen-Ulm line.

On 11 December 2022, the official rail service from Wendlingen to Ulm started. © Max Bögl

The new Wendlingen-Ulm line is an important section in the future high-speed network of Deutsche Bahn and, as part of the European high-speed network "Magistrale for Europe", of international importance. In large parts, it runs along the BAB 8 motorway. At the ascent to the Swabian Alb, it separates from the winding course of the motorway and cuts through the mountain in the new Albaufstieg tunnels - Boßler and Steinbühl tunnels. Directly adjacent to their portal exits, PORR Ingenieurbau, as part of the ARGE EÜ Filstal Max Bögl/PORR consortium, erected the Filstal bridge, a structure that ranks among Germany's most spectacular railway bridges as the third-highest ice rink bridge in the country. The concrete bridge spans the Filstal valley at a height of up to 85 m and crosses the BAB 8, the L1200 country road and the Fils river as well as a local road and several paths. Since the distance between the tracks in the tunnels is 30 m, two separate supporting structures with a length of 485 m in the direction of Ulm and 472 m in the direction of Stuttgart were built.

Trusting teamwork as a guarantee for success        

This engineering masterpiece would not have been possible without the trusting cooperation of all those involved in the project. The elegant and light bridge does not show the complex construction as well as the challenges during the construction, starting with the construction site development in drinking water protection areas and steep slopes.  

Project safely completed

Work on the bridge was completed this year. Test runs by Deutsche Bahn have been taking place since March 2022. The remaining work under the bridge, such as the dismantling of the construction roads, forest roads, earthworks and the clearing of the construction site with storage areas, will take place by the end of 2023.

On 11 December 2022, the official rail service from Wendlingen to Ulm started. Now, rail passengers can enjoy the view over the Filstal valley - but only for 7 seconds. Because that is how long the journey over the new bridge takes.  


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