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F.A.Z. Institute awards PORR as digital pioneer 2023

In the study "Germany's Digital Pioneers 2023" by the F.A.Z. Institute, entrepreneurs were scrutinised with regard to their technology reputation. In order to be distinguished as a digital pioneer, a company had to have four basic skills: Digital operation, innovative ability, profitability/economy and attractiveness as an employer. According to the results, PORR is one of Germany's digital pioneers.

According to the results, PORR is one of Germany's digital pioneers. © PORR / pde Integral Planning

The innovative working methods of BIM and LEAN management are an integral part of PORR. Coupled with experience and a willingness to put new technologies and methods into practice at an early stage, it works with a resource-saving, integrated approach. The result of combining digital and innovative ways of working: Optimal coordination, transparency and communication enable safety and efficiency from planning to construction and increase attractiveness as an employer.

Methodology of the study

The study "Germany's digital pioneers 2023" was accompanied by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research. First, online texts from the internet were collected in a two-stage social listenig by searching for relevant search terms. Afterwards, the collected data was fragmented using artificial intelligence methods, assigned to the topics of digital action, innovative ability, economic efficiency and attractiveness as an employer and evaluated as neutral, positive or negative in a sentiment analysis. Several million mentions for around 5,000 companies were identified and assigned within the investigation period from 01.02.2022 to 31.01.2023. In the "construction companies" sector, PORR is one of the digital pioneers in 2023.


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