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Excavation pit and pile foundation for Wilhelmsburg nursing home

Stump-Franki has been commissioned with the construction of two excavation pits as well as the pile foundation and crane foundation for a new construction project in the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg. Until February 2024, PORR Hochbau Region Nord is building two houses here as general contractor for the PFLEGEN & WOHNEN WILHELMSBURG facility. Stump-Franki Planung is responsible for execution planning and structural engineering. In addition to schedule reliability and cost-effectiveness, low-noise and vibration-free execution has top priority.

By February 2024, PORR Hochbau Region Nord, as general contractor, will build two houses for the PFLEGEN & WOHNEN WILHELMSBURG facility. © Stump-Franki

New building ensures efficiency at all levels

Four care buildings, a boiler house, a kitchen building and a former nurses' home were spread across the site over the years. Long distances caused time loss and inefficiency. In future, an energy-efficient new building will unite all wards and functional areas.

The first building, the Substitute House, does not have a basement because of the high groundwater level. The 2-metre-deep excavation pit is largely enclosed by a girder pile wall and the remaining parts are sloped. For the pile foundation, 212 Atlas piles with diameters of 41/51 and lengths between 12 and 16 m will be constructed. 

Gas drainage for the discharge of possible soil gases

The location on Wilhelmsburg's Elbe island in the middle of a large park and its own jetty is unique. However, it poses the risk of releasing methane and carbon dioxide, which are formed in the soft layers of the Elbe marsh soil by the decomposition of organic components. Therefore, after the soil is excavated, a gas drain made of gravel is laid, over which a fleece and a compacted working layer are applied.

Sustainability also plays a role

The second building, Haus Linde, will be newly constructed on the northwest side of the property, especially for people with dementia. On this construction site, too, a soldier pile wall is planned as excavation shoring. For the 3 to 5 m deep part, a single tie-back sheet pile wall will be constructed. After completion of the construction work, the sheet piles can be pulled out and reused in the interest of sustainability. A dewatering system will be installed to ensure that the bottom of the excavation pit, which lies in groundwater, cannot be broken open and to relax the soil. The foundations are being laid with 203 Atlas piles with diameters of 41/51 and lengths of between 12 and 16 m.


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