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Aachen motorway junction: Conversion on a grand scale

The conversion of the Aachen motorway interchange (AK) into an efficient junction in European east-west traffic is one of the largest projects of its kind in Germany. Here, the traffic flows of the A4 from Cologne to the Netherlands cross with those of the A44 from Düsseldorf to Belgium. In addition, the traffic of the A544 city motorway in Aachen is pressing on. This is the seventh time that the Düren branch has been involved in the reconstruction of the motorway junction. The traffic route construction team was commissioned by Autobahn GmbH in a joint venture to carry out the necessary work in construction section 6.2.

Junction in European east-west traffic: Aachen motorway junction © Oevermann

The reconstruction is divided into a total of nine construction phases and includes the 6-lane expansion on the A44 in the area north of the Aachen motorway interchange in the direction of Düsseldorf to beyond the Broichweiden junction. The traffic route construction company is realising the motorway expansion over a length of approx. two kilometres. The work includes demolition work, the construction of the anti-frost layer and asphalt paving. In addition, two bridge structures are being renewed by the ARGE partner Bruno Klein Construction Company and AUSA lines are being re-laid.

Installation of resource-saving material

The anti-frost layer will be produced on the construction site itself as RCL material using a concrete crushing plant. For this purpose, the existing concrete roadway, which is located under the old motorway, will be taken up and crushed and recycled on site. A total of 27,300 m³ of anti-frost layer will be produced in this way. This saves transport distances and improves the CO2 balance.

Planning challenges increase complexity

The car flows on the motorway interchange overlap, intertwine and cross each other in a very confined space. This situation initially posed a major challenge for the construction planning of the excavation pits for both structures. The very tight space conditions between the temporary bypass bridges made the work on the A44 bridge structure over the L223 country road difficult. At the same time, it had to be ensured that the stability of the cofferdams was maintained due to the new excavation pit. The experienced traffic route construction team always provided support with clear solutions. All the work to be carried out on the construction site involves complex planning, as it is necessary to integrate the numerous specialist lots at the motorway interchange into the company's own construction schedule and to coordinate a smooth, parallel construction process for all those involved.

Use of the SitePlan digital app saves time

In cooperation with the parent company PORR Germany, the traffic route construction team used the SitePlan app, which is used for digital navigation and surveying. Right from the start of construction, the great advantage was that quick orientation on site was possible through simple "georeferencing" with the implementation plans. Pipe plans could be read in at short notice, so that overbuilt sewer shafts or pipe routes could be easily found on site and cable damage was avoided. The benefits for the client: time savings and a high level of safety.

Construction phase 1 of 9 safely completed

The first construction phase has already been successfully completed with the construction of the excavation pits for the A44 structure. With the start of the second construction phase, the new bridge construction by the ARGE partner will now begin. The work on the A44 - Kerstengasse structure, which was built in 1961 and added on in 1978, includes the half-sided demolition as a subcontractor service as well as the new construction of the structure. Research airfield limits air freedom In the immediate vicinity


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Melanie Manner Press spokeswoman