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Marzahn combined heat and power station

Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
Principal Siemens AG
Location Berlin - Germany
Type Power plant construction, Structural engineering, Specialist civil engineering
Runtime 09.2017 - 07.2020

Heat and power for the future.

The Marzahn CHP plant will provide district heating and electricity for 150,000 households and thereby reduce greenhouse emissions.

PORR was awarded the contract for the main construction works plus the turnkey completion of four supply buildings. The main construction works for the project included earthworks, several supply lines, foundations for the power block, two 45m-high stairwells, two turbine platforms, a switching station, various auxiliary buildings and the road construction.

In addition to these main construction works, PORR was also responsible for planning and turnkey construction of a control room building, an administrative building, a maintenance workshop, and the garage for company vehicles. The administrative building includes offices and training rooms, two server rooms, a first aid room, an industrial kitchen and the cafeteria. Replacement parts and hazardous substances are be stored in the maintenance workshop, and repairs will be undertaken here – a crane was installed in the machinery room for this purpose.

Carefully coordinated.

The heart of the plant is the power block, which includes the two machine houses for the turbines, two transformer buildings, the boiler house, the feedwater pump house and the switching station. With an ambitious schedule, ongoing planning in parallel with construction, and numerous subcontractors working simultaneously in the same area, the execution was a logistical challenge from the start.

Complex turbine platform.

The other major challenge was the turbine platform. Installed at a height of 15m on six vibration dampers, it is the supporting element for the turbine and generator. We installed a falsework for concreting between the elements of the post and beam system. The concrete included a large volume of reinforcement and the installation tolerances for formwork and embedments were just 10mm, which made extreme concentration during concreting essential.

To achieve the desired high compressive strength, we developed a special concrete recipe and tested it systematically. The concrete was then monitored with temperature sensors throughout concreting and the subsequent solvation.

High M&E standards.

The plant M&E equipment was built to meet stringent technical requirements, with redundant systems for ventilation, heating, air conditioning and lighting in all the main operating zones. In the event of a failure, a backup battery system provides emergency power to every building until the emergency power generator is started up. The buildings also meet unusually high fire protection standards, with numerous fire sections, automatic extinguishing systems, additional smoke extractors and fire alarm systems to support the on-site teams.

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