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Manfredstrasse, Essen

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Hochbau West GmbH
Principal VIVAWEST GmbH
Location Essen - Germany
Type Residential construction
Runtime 01.2021 - 09.2023

New: energy efficient and affordable housing in Essen-Rüttenscheid

The site of a former freight-forwarding company in Essen’s Rüttenscheid district will soon feature 179 highly accessible apartments, in a construction scheme designed to create new, affordable living opportunities. VIVAWEST GmbH, a housing company based in Gelsenkirchen, awarded the contract for the turnkey construction of the Manfredstrasse project to PORR company Oevermann Hochbau GmbH. The contract also included the complete execution and structural planning and technical building equipment, all of which will be coordinated and implemented by internal departments of Oevermann Hochbau GmbH. This project focuses on energy-efficient construction in accordance with the KfW 55 standard.

Shared living for all requirements

The Manfredstrasse housing development involves the construction of six buildings with a shared 9,000m² basement, containing 168 parking spaces and four large bicycle storage cellars. Some 30% of the 179 apartments in the complex will be publicly subsidised and highly accessible. Apartments will range in size from 50m² to 120m², with between two and five rooms.

A central location with plenty of greenery

The outdoor facilities include a range of playgrounds and recreation areas,

expansive green spaces and additional parking for cars and bicycles. The section of forest belonging to the property will be preserved, with the addition of a new entry point. Various measures are planned to reduce traffic noise from the A52 and a nearby fire station. The experienced building construction team will be erecting partly-greened noise protection walls and giving consideration to the reduction of external noise during the construction process.

Tailored solutions for swift completion

The basement floor and five- and six-storey apartment buildings are to be partly built in a solid construction. Pre-fabricated components are being used to reduce construction time. The entire basement floor, including the underground parking facility, will take the form of a white tank construction with a black seal on the garage ceiling. The decision was made to use large-area KS plan elements for the masonry walls to further optimise construction time. The flat roofs will be sealed with foil and extensive planting will take place. An ETICS system featuring brick slips and fine stucco, ornamented with a variety of decorative profiles, is planned for the façade.