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Filstal Bridge

Facts and Figures
Company ARGE EÜ Filstal PORR/Max Bögl
Principal Max Bögl Stiftung GmbH &Co. KG
Location Mühlhausen im Täle - Germany
Type Bridge building
Runtime 08.2013 - 01.2023

In lofty heights

A 485 m long bridge spans across the Filstal valley on the Drackensteiner slope, a spectacular structure with a height of up to 85 m. In Germany there are only two railway bridges that are higher. Another special feature of the bridge is that it connects two tunnels: the Boßler Tunnel and the Steinbühltunnel. The ICE will cross the bridge at a speed of about 250 km/h. The bridge consists of two separate supporting structures 30 m apart. Each of them has a separate tunnel tube.

To the DB Video report "Baufortschritt Filstalbrücke"

Technical data:

  • Danger area: crossing of a federal road and motorway A8 Stuttgart-Munich
  • Bridge construction: Prestressed concrete hollow box bridge
  • Total length [m]: 485.0 / 472.0
  • Max. span [m]: 75.0
  • Max. buttress spacing [m]: approx. 150
  • Number of sections: 6 (each)