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Dolomite and rock filling mining

Facts and Figures
Company TKDZ GmbH
Principal Various clients
Location Wellen - Germany
Type Demolition
Runtime 10.2012 - in progress

Raw material quality and safety.

PORR’s subsidiary TKDZ GmbH in Wellen quarries natural rock in underground dolomite mining. Underground mining guarantees high levels of grade purity and thus consistent and uniform raw material quality. TKDZ’s customers include the construction material and fertiliser industry as well as the chemical industry throughout Europe. 

Additionally, TKDZ’s scope of performance includes the supply of so-called rock filling. This refers to the filling of cavities left over from mining activities using appropriate materials, so-called filling or backfilling materials. Filling serves to secure the ridges and to stabilise the mining pillars of endangered mining chambers. As rock filling, TKDZ uses residual materials from the mining and treatment of mined dolomite rock and adds suitable and authorised materials not sourced from mining activities.