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Meeting deadlines in close cooperation: rehabilitation of the runway at Frankfurt Airport

Within a very short time, Oevermann Verkehrswegebau GmbH, a PORR company, realized the rehabilitation work on the central runway at Frankfurt Airport. Damage and wear caused by weather conditions made the construction work on the 4,000 m long runway necessary. The key customer requirement of the client, Fraport AG: rapid implementation within two weeks. The team mastered this challenging task with flying colors. The contract included the renewal of 80,000 m² of surface.


The rehabilitation lengths of the sections in the peripheral areas amount to approx. 2,430 m and 109 m in the area of head 25C. The total area is approximately 80,000 m². Photos: © FRAPORT AG

The work on the center runway (25C/07C) included not only the surface course rehabilitation, but also the extension of taxiway L14 by the construction of a new western fillet on a construction area totaling 1,200 m². Furthermore, the existing supply lines, marking, taxiway and traffic signs as well as the lighting were extended in this course. In addition, large-scale regulation of the green areas was carried out in the north of RWY C, between taxiways L14 and L15, and in the south between taxiways M24 and M28. The area covered amounts to approx. 14,000 m² in the north and approx. 9,800 m² in the south.

Customer requirement for "rapid implementation" met

Thanks to close coordination as well as optimal coordination with third-party trades, a 7-day week and simultaneous execution of the rehabilitation work, the traffic route construction team completed the work on time within two weeks and to the full satisfaction of the client. The first aircraft took off and landed again on the center runway around six o'clock on October 17, 2022.

Work in the security area

Reliability and flexibility are in demand on construction sites. Requirements for personnel and technology change daily. In this project, safety in particular was a top priority. Since the work was carried out in the airside area of the airport, the training courses prescribed by Fraport (aviation security and safety basic training) had to be completed in advance in order to obtain the ID card and driver's license for the security area.

Success through close cooperation

In this construction project, too, Verkehrswegebau demonstrated its ability to work in close cooperation. Intensive teamwork during construction was carried out with the sister company CMG Baulogistik and the in-house construction materials laboratory. The Münster/Dortmund branch also benefited from the expertise of colleagues in Berlin. The trusting and committed cooperation of all those involved in the project led - entirely in line with the customer's wishes - to adherence to schedules and a high quality of work.


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