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Tagesspiegel honours PORR with ‘Charity Award 2024’ in gold

PORR Germany has been honoured with the ‘Charity Award 2024’ in gold by the Tagesspiegel. The award is the result of a study conducted by ServiceValue. It honours companies that go above and beyond legal requirements in their commitment to society, social issues and the environment.

PORR Germany was honoured with the Charity Award 2024 in gold by the Tagesspiegel.



A total of 5,500 companies took part in the study. The study focussed on four areas:

- Formal and structural conditions

- Employee participation

- Scope of charitable activities

- Public image

The companies that scored above the scale average of 50 points were awarded the coveted GOLD seal. PORR Germany is one of the 61 companies honoured.

Intelligent building means embracing responsibility. PORR Germany sets a good example with this premise. It creates the framework conditions for charitable commitment, involves its employees and focuses on a wide range of charitable activities. With initiatives such as bee@porr, participation in various charity runs or fundraising campaigns such as the ‘Münchner Geschenkeregen’, PORR and its PORRians demonstrate their commitment to society, social issues and the environment.


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