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Digital pilot project: Start of bridge construction work for A 100 extension

As part of the extension of Berlin’s BAB 100 urban motorway, PORR Civil Engineering and Stump-Franki Specialist Civil Engineering have formed a consortium to construct the last section of the 16th construction stage: a 225-metre-long sunken carriageway and a railway bridge for the Ringbahn – the circular S-Bahn line around the inner city. After construction work began in May 2021, the project reached a key milestone exactly one year later with installation of the diaphragm walls for the foundations of the bridge structure. The combined use of BIM and LEAN Construction aims to ensure that the S-Bahn bridge is completed on schedule by November 2022.

A100 Lot 6: Superstructure S-Bahn-Ring. © PORR

Curved rail line requires construction of oblique-angled bridge 

The crossing is under construction as an oblique integral bridge with an exceptionally sharp crossing angle of 35 gon. The enormous tension forces in the corner segments require a high level of reinforcement in excess of 480kg/m³ and C50/60 grade concrete. The diaphragm walls, which simultaneously function as foundations, are 1.40m thick and 26.5m tall. The individual reinforcement cages weight up to 55t.

Timely completion is top priority

Lot 6 of the 16th construction stage includes a crossing for the S-Bahn over the motorway near Treptower Park and is a vital part of the extension. In addition to occupational safety, completion on schedule is the top priority for the client, Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes. The crossing, including all finishing works and track construction, must be completed within five months before track possession in November 2022. The confined conditions of the site directly adjacent to the Ringbahn line present a further complication for the construction team. The consortium members are working shoulder-to-shoulder and full steam ahead to ensure the project is completed safely and on schedule.

Digital project platform optimises construction processes

A digital pilot project combining the principles of LEAN Construction and BIM has enabled PORR Civil Engineering to demonstrate that large-scale, high-profile projects can nevertheless be managed without delays, unplanned costs or lengthy snag lists. Project manager Konstantin Jury is in no doubt: “Our digital platform allows us to turbocharge our work,” he says. “Efficient channels and streamlined workflows help to achieve unprecedented optimisations in the project schedule. The standardised filing and list system that underpins the platform means that everyone involved in the project can exchange information swiftly and transparently. This means that we all share the same knowledge, which in turn minimises potential error sources.”


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