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This is how special civil engineering works: Explanatory video - Soft gel injection

Soft gel injection seals excavations against rising groundwater in an environmentally friendly and economical way.


Its advantages are:

✅ Low CO2 footprint: minimal use of cement.
✅ Environmentally friendly: groundwater-compatible ingredients
✅ Less transport & disposal costs: no reflux suspension

At our RBO construction site in Hamburg, one of the largest new construction projects in the Hanseatic city, the team convinced the client with an economical and environmentally friendly excavation solution from a single source: to solve the complex construction task, our special civil engineering experts combined with other special civil engineering services to implement a 14,200 m2 soft gel sealing base. Economical and safe on any subsoil. "This is how special civil engineering works".

Learn more about the application possibilities, production and advantages of soft gel injection in the new explanatory video.


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