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Horb High Bridge: Assembly of the shoring shows construction progress

The Horb elevated bridge is being built in the Neckar valley near Horb on behalf of the Karlsruhe Regional Council. The construction project is being carried out by PORR's structural engineering, special civil engineering and steel construction divisions from a single source. Special civil engineering has almost completed the structural and shoring foundations in the southern construction section. Among other things, the ground-supported shoring is currently being erected, giving a first impression of the bridge's height.

The assembly of the ground-supported shoring gives a first impression of the height of the bridges.



The first substructures of the bridge have been completed. These include the southern abutment and the axis 60 pier as well as the first steel auxiliary piers weighing several tonnes. The foundations for further piers and the shoring supports are currently being constructed. In addition, the ground-supported shoring for the first quarter of the bridge superstructure is being assembled. Steel girders weighing 34 tonnes are ready and will be placed on the shoring towers with a 750 tonne mobile crane and later pushed hydraulically from the abutment. This means that the shuttering of the bridge over the southern steep slope of the Neckar valley can soon begin. In the foreseeable future, the first superstructure sections of the bridge will then be built on the blue falsework steel girders.

Reliability, quality and transparency determine the cooperation

Reliability, quality and transparency are particularly important to the client. These requirements are ensured through the use of 3D planning and BIM coordination, among other things. They enable everyone involved to work together on an integrated data model. The execution models are linked to the scheduling (4D) and the service items (5D) and ensure smooth project coordination.

Challenging construction project on a steep slope

During the construction of the Horb elevated bridge, the construction site team faced a number of special challenges resulting from the local conditions: Two railway lines as well as the L370 and the supra-regional Neckar cycle path have to be crossed during the construction of the bridge. In addition, the construction site is mainly located in the Neckar floodplain, which is considered a flood-prone area. However, the team is well prepared, the planning is progressing well and the work in shoulder to shoulder is reflected in the result: continuous construction progress to the satisfaction of the client.


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