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Home game in Münster: Developments on the Albachten-Ost construction site

The PORR transport route engineering team from Münster does not have to travel long distances for this new project. As part of the development of the new Münster-Albachten residential area, PORR was commissioned to construct the paved and asphalted traffic areas as well as the drainage pipes. Work on the first construction phase began in January 2024 and is scheduled for completion in September 2024.

PORR was commissioned with the construction of the paved and asphalted traffic areas as well as the drainage pipes. 



Albachten is a lively suburban community in the city of Münster. Over the next few years, a new development area with around 470 residential units in detached houses and apartment blocks will be built on 25 hectares in the east of the district. Important infrastructure will also be created with a primary school, three daycare centres and a fire station. In the first construction phase, part of Weseler Straße, the most important access road, will be converted into a junction with traffic lights and connected to the future residential area. In the course of this, transport route engineering will create the junction into the construction area, a section of Planstraße 1 as well as a temporary construction road.

‘We are right on schedule,’ says branch manager Jan Berghaus happily. ‘The excavation work, the cable line construction for the lighting, the sewer construction and the paving work for the temporary traffic routing have been completed. After dismantling the existing pavement, the asphalt work was able to start on time after Easter. The good cooperation with the City of Münster's Office for Mobility and Civil Engineering and all those involved contributed to the successful realisation of the project.’


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