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Renewal of the runway at Münster/Osnabrück Airport in record time

From November 14 to 27, 2022, Oevermann Verkehrswegebau rehabilitated the 2.2 km long runway of Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO) in the area of the center in a width of 30 meters. Due to the extensive modernization measures, FMO was closed for two weeks, flight operations were suspended and the construction area was separated from the rest of the aviation security area. The speedy and punctual completion of the necessary construction work was therefore the client's top priority. The traffic route construction team had a time window of one week for the main work.

Renewal of the runway at Münster/Osnabrück Airport in record time © PORR

Extension of service life

In the central, regularly overrolled area, 4.5 cm of the surface course was renewed over a width of 30 m and a length of 2,170 m. The pavement was then rehabilitated. Asphalt preservation was carried out for the outer edge areas, which are generally not rolled over. It is a demonstrably effective way of preventively maintaining almost all asphalted traffic surfaces. The expected service life can be significantly increased by preservation and actively contributes to the conservation of resources.

Replacement of secondary pipes and a new cable protection pipe route

All Runway Center Line (RCL), Touchdown Zone (TDZ) and Approach Lighting (A PL) conduits were replaced and re-routed. A new cable protection conduit route was used to connect Station 07 to the main runway alignment. Parallel to the other main work, the lighting systems with around 760 lamps were renewed by third-party trades. Approximately 120 km of cables were laid in the course of this work. With the new technology, electricity savings of 230,000 kWh per year are possible.

Goal-oriented through effective planning and team spirit

To ensure a smooth construction process, preliminary work began as early as mid-October in the area of the taxiways. In order to keep the promise of timely completion, the renovation work was implemented in the 46th week of the year in 24-hour operation. This meant that air traffic could be resumed on schedule on 30.11.2022 from 20:00. For this demanding project, the traffic route construction team consisted of the Münster/Dortmund, Osnabrück/Gütersloh branches, G+S Straßenbau GmbH as well as colleagues from CMG Baulogistik, the asphalt experts from the in-house laboratory and Asphaltmischwerke 


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