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A100 Berlin: Trains roll over new bridge structure in 16th construction section Lot 6

PORR Ingenieurbau and Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau are working in close cooperation on the completion of the A100 16th construction phase lot 6: The last two milestones for the commissioning of the S-Bahn bridge have already been safely reached with the completion of the diaphragm wall foundation in May 2022 and the concreting of the superstructure EÜ RIN 01 in July 2022.

The trains are rolling again. © PORR

After intensive removal work on the superstructure EÜ RIN 01, the backfilling of the abutments and the railway construction work in the last three and a half months, the team has successfully completed the two important closure dates for the rerouting of line 6020. Over 5000 trains have already rolled over the new bridge structure since the line was opened in both directions on 21.11.2022.

The achievement of the closure breaks is a great success of the entire project team of the Autobahn GmbH of the federal government, the project control, the construction supervision railway, the construction supervision, all inspection parties as well as the ARGE PORR-Stump-Franki and its subcontractors.

Next up is the overall completion date of the 16th motorway section Lot 6 in 2023 - let's go!


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