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Façade climbers working at night: Abraham Quarter in Oldenburg is complete

PORR Hochbau Region Nord is building the Abraham Quarter at Haarenstraße 11-15 in Oldenburg on behalf of ANIMA. The new complex offers around 121 micro-apartments with commercial space on the ground floor in a prime city centre location. The construction work is almost complete. Only the façade insulation was still missing in the upper areas of the new building. The particular challenge here was that it had to be retrofitted at a great height. In December 2023 and January 2024, façade climbers completed this special task at night.

The façade insulation in the upper areas of the AbrahamQuartier had to be retrofitted.



The Abraham Quarter was built to the KfW Efficiency House 55 standard. 20 cm MiWO insulation panels were used to insulate the façade. On the lower floors of the building, the insulation was already installed during the shell. For the upper areas, the insulation could not be installed during the shell construction phase due to limited space. A flexible solution was required. This task was taken on by experienced façade climbers, who installed the remaining 90 insulation panels at a height of 16 metres over an area of 300 m². This work - in stormy and cold conditions - required maximum concentration as well as well-coordinated teamwork between the industrial climbers and the construction site team on site.

Safety for the shopping street and construction site 

Safety is the top priority for this city centre construction project. As business operations in Oldenburg's popular Haarenstraße pedestrian zone could not be disrupted, especially in the run-up to Christmas, the work had to be carried out outside of business hours in night shifts. The work was carried out safely and smoothly.


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