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We invest in long-term business relationships.

Every PORR project is a tailor-made customer solution. Executing our construction schemes successfully requires state-of-the-art technologies and experts trained to use them. Experienced service providers and suppliers who enable us to meet our high quality and service standards are an integral part of our success.

We have a shared goal: to conduct procurement under the best possible conditions. It is therefore important that our partners meet the same ethical, ecological and social standards we set ourselves.

Establishing enduring and stable relationships with suppliers and subcontractors is a particular priority. After all, it is only with reliable partners that we can execute our projects successfully in respect of quality, schedule reliability and costs.

Your contacts for procurement.

PORR Simone Kring Head of Procurement Germany
PORR Oevermann GmbH Ulrich Mühlan Head of Procurement PORR Oevermann

Your contacts for the procurement of product groups at PORR.

Stanley Kunze Finishings, contract staffing
Sabrina Wöhrl Building materials
Sabina Suljic Building materials, Services
Thomas Knödlseder Structural steel, reinforcement work
Sandra Wilfing Processing
Dieter Schwandner Structural work, civil engineering
Peter Pantenburg Structural work, civil engineering
Alex Baron Formwork
Nikolaus Becker Technical building equipment (TBE)
Daniel Lohmiller Ready-mixed concrete
Henning Stoss Region Hamburg building construction
Elena Schleicher Administrator
Angela Dietrich Administrator