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Waste management

Waste must not pollute.

Waste management plays an important role in the economy and steadily gains in importance. In the industry or in private households: Waste is produced everywhere and the majority must be recycled or permanently disposed of as residual materials. We have specialised on the safe treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. From mineral treatment to thermal recycling to disposal and permanent landfilling.

Our subsidiary TKDZ GmbH in Wellen obtains natural stone through underground Dolomite quarrying. This means that the deep mining efforts can guarantee a high level of varietal purity, and subsequently, consistent and equal raw material quality. TKDZ's customers includes companies from the construction materials industry, chemical industry and fertiliser industry all over Europe.

The process known as 'rock filling' is also one of the many services performed by TKDZ. In other words, this means filling cavities caused by mining with suitable materials, known as filling materials or filling construction materials. Filling is carried out to safeguard the roofs and stabilise the shafts of endangered excavation chambers. At TKDZ, mining industry waste from obtaining excavated and processed Dolomite rock is used as a filling material, and expanded using suitable and non-mining materials which have been approved by the presiding authorities.