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Jettenbach weir: PORR overcomes geological challenges and completes final section of construction pit on schedule

In Töging am Inn, an almost 100-year-old listed power plant is being taken off the grid and replaced by a new building. Eight of the nine construction lots, with a total order volume of around 150 million euros, were awarded to PORR. One part of the project is the Jettenbach weir, which regulates the inflow to the Töging power plant. The final section of the construction pit in Jettenbach has now been completed.

Autumn 2020: Creating the construction pit enclosure in the left side of the river.


PORR is currently building a new, 160m-wide weir in the River Inn in the Bavarian town of Jettenbach. The water is diverted here and then, after approximately 25km, reaches the powerhouse in Töging. With a total output of 118 MW, the new plant is expected to generate enough electricity to meet the annual needs of 200,000 households.

On schedule despite difficult ground conditions.

The left side of the river represented a considerable technical challenge, with concreted blocks and differing groundwater levels. The experienced PORR team handled this task successfully. Sheet-pile walls with a length of 23m were inserted, jet-grouted columns with diameters of up to 3.40m were produced, and the groundwater level in the construction pit was lowered by more than 9m.

In autumn 2020, despite the extremely challenging geological conditions, the construction pit was completed in less than 4 months. This allowed the concrete work to begin before Christmas as planned.

The first part of the Jettenbach weir, in the right side of the river, had already been completed and commissioned in 2019 and 2020. The new weir is scheduled for completion in autumn 2021.


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