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PORR is one of Germany's Innovation Leaders 2022

Study by the F.A.Z Institute and IMWF names German innovation leaders

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PORR is one of the selected innovation leaders in the category "Earth or rock drilling; mining" in the field of tunnels and shafts. © PNC/PORR

Innovation leaders are needed for development and progress. Some of them are world-famous brands, while others are largely unknown as secret winners. The study "Germany's Innovation Leaders", conducted on behalf of the F.A.Z.-Institut and IMWF, provides a unique overview of Germany's innovation leaders. The results show: PORR is one of them.

At PORR, further developments and innovations have played a central role since its beginnings: back at the start of the 20th century, the inventions of founder Arthur Porr led to a significant breakthrough in concrete construction and laid the foundations for many prestigious buildings. This idea of innovation has always been the driving force at PORR. The central contact point for further developments is the "Technology Management and Innovation" department. It offers employees from the operational areas advice and support.

Study examines innovation leadership based on research activities

The analysis "Germany's Innovation Leader 2022" was based on the patenting activities of companies and research institutions: The study material included all patents filed worldwide within the past ten years. Since several patents with the same inventive content can be filed, the patents were grouped into patent families and evaluated on the basis of established metrics for over 500 fields of technology and knowledge. For each field of knowledge and technology, those companies and research institutions that were cited more frequently than average by others were counted as German innovation leaders. The prerequisite was that the cited companies not only registered above-average innovative inventions, but also collaborated with German inventors. The results provide an overview of who has significantly shaped the field of knowledge and technology.

Results honour innovative strength and pioneering spirit of PORR Tunnelling

PORR is one of the selected innovation leaders in the category "Earth or rock drilling; mining" in the field of tunnels and shafts. Tunnelling is one of the most demanding disciplines in construction engineering and at the same time one of PORR's core competencies. In underground construction, expertise, innovative strength, flexibility and technical solution competence are in demand. As a reliable partner, PORR successfully demonstrates its technical expertise in all common tunnelling methods (mechanical: Gripper-TBM, open shield, earth pressure and hydro shield; conventional: blasting, excavating, chiselling) and also in all required cross-sections, e.g. in the mechanical large cross-section range from 6 to 13 metres.



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