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York Quartier: Efficient project realisation with LEAN Construction on construction site C6

Our Münster Building Construction department has been commissioned by Wohn + Stadtbau Münster to carry out the structural work and facing for a new housing development on the site of the former British York Barracks in Münster-Gremmendorf. While the structural work on construction site C10 was already safely completed in September, progress is also being made on construction lot C6, where 94 residential units are being built on a total area of approximately 8,333m². Lean construction methods have also been successfully applied in this project to enable comprehensively transparent and sustainable implementation, whilst ensuring that the employer’s budget, deadlines and quality requirements are met.

At the York Quartier C6 construction project, Oevermann is using lean management for process optimization for the first time in a shell construction project © PORR Oevermann

Flexibility facilitates a solution-oriented approach
The unexploded ordnance survey took longer than anticipated and clearance was delayed, but the building construction team was able to make up for a significant part of the lost time by briefly deploying an additional bottom-slewing crane. Now the shell construction work is back on schedule.

The challenging facing work involves prefabricated clinker components, prefabricated fair-faced concrete components, as well as clinker shells, some of which are recessed. This all requires intensive work preparation and scheduling. The lower floors of the individual buildings, where the basements and underground car parks will be located, will be constructed with waterproof concrete using the “white tank” system.

Optimising resources and construction time on an equal footing
The York Quartier C6 construction project is the first time that Oevermann is using lean management tools to optimise processes in structural work after first using the tools for the fit-out work on the neighbouring York Quartier Lot 3 C10 project.

Each project has its own individual character and so does the approach to the initial process analysis. The process analysis involved determining which components were relevant for the structural work and linking them up to form processes. Different colours were assigned to the individual components, including the formwork, reinforcement, concrete, masonry, prefabricated parts, earthworks, lightning protection, scaffolding work and suppliers, etc. The property as a whole was divided into eight sections of approximately equal size. which established the basis for the Last Planner System.

The cooperative and close working relationship between everyone involved in the York Quartier project plays a crucial role in its success. Construction meetings are held every week, where work processes are analysed with the aid of targeted moderation methods, goals are set for the following weeks, and the past weeks are reviewed to check whether these goals have been met. These meetings also involve the project subcontractors. Workflow visualisation ensures that all components that are relevant to the construction process are taken into account and mapped transparently.


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