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First honey harvest for PORR bees from the new PES site in Eschenburg

Under the motto "Looking to bees. Building the future", PORR is taking active steps throughout the company to combat bee mortality. Thanks to the bee@PORR initiative, bee colonies currently have a home at over 40 international sites - and the number is constantly growing. In Eschenburg near Gießen in Hesse, a new home for our PORR-bees was set up at the PORR Equipment Services (PES) site this year. The first harvest of Eschenburg bees took place in July 2023.

The first harvest of Eschenburger bees took place in July 2023. © PORR

Initially, the new bee site in Eschenburg consisted of a planned meadow. In 2022, PORR began to manage the property. Wild fruit trees were planted. In 2023, the time had finally come: two beehives moved into their new home. 40,000-80,000 bees per hive are at home at the site in summer. The industrious animals seem to have arrived well and spent a good first summer: 20 kg of honey were harvested in July. The honey is sold internally and the proceeds go to a charitable cause.

A second PORR bee site in Germany is located at the PES branch in Herzfelde near Berlin. Here, too, our bees feel right at home. In order to pass on the knowledge about bees and their importance to the coming generations, the bee site recently received a visit from a local kindergarten. The curious children watched the beekeeping activities from a safe distance and learned where the honey comes from.


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