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Zalando Headquarters

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Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA, PORR Design & Engineering Deutschland GmbH
PrincipalMGO I + II Development GmbH & Co. KG; Projektgesellschaften der Münchner Grund Immobilien Bauträger GmbH
LocationBerlin - Germany
Type Office, M&E planning, Architecture, Building physics, Fire protection, Building Information Modeling, Structural engineering
Service duration09.2016 - 09.2018
Runtime09.2016 - 09.2018

Zalando makes room for growth.

Two new office buildings with whose construction PORR was commissioned are built at the Berlin head office of the renowned German on-line shopping firm that sells shoes and fashion. Together, the two buildings will have a gross floor area of 50,000m².

Zalando is a leading on-line fashion retailer in Europe and also applies innovation and creativity to the design of its new headquarters in Berlin. The new headquarters is supposed to provide an appealing work environment meeting all demands towards modern and flexible work space. Design and execution of this complex concept are accordingly demanding.

The two newly erected buildings will, once completed, feature office space of 28,700m² and 13,300m², respectively. The architectural draft followed the typical Berlin perimeter block design. However, the courtyards are relocated to the properties’ outer edges and thus provide a connection to public spaces. The translucent façade areas give the buildings an air of transparency and airiness. 

PORR’s scope of services not only includes the construction of the new buildings but also their general design and the entire execution planning courtesy of PORR Design & Engineering. PORR experts deployed from Berlin and Düsseldorf thereby made sure that the fields of architecture, superstructure design, technical building installations and sustainability were optimally attuned and comprehensively incorporated. One of the project’s highlights is the use of the software-supported BIM method (BIM stands for Building Information Modelling) that marks a pilot project for the future design and execution of PORR projects.