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Alexanderplatz residential neighbourhood, Berlin

Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
Principal SONUS City GmbH & Co. KG
Location Berlin - Germany
Type Office buildings, Commercial building, Residential construction
Runtime 02.2014 - 09.2015

A logistical triumph in Berlin-Mitte

The new residential complex on Alexanderplatz, in the heart of Berlin, comprises 190 flats, commercial and office space, a daycare centre, and 400 student flats, with a gross floor area of 25,500m². It took just one and a half years to complete.

PORR Germany was responsible for the implementation of this major project, which included not only turnkey construction but also the entire execution planning for the architecture, building services, structural engineering, and outdoor facilities. This meant that PORR experts were deeply involved as advisors as early as the architectural design phase.

Then, in the execution planning phase they were responsible for ensuring that all official requirements were fully met, from the pressurised ventilation of the fire brigade lifts to compliance with the German Energy Saving Ordinance and sound insulation.

The buildings of the residential complex were realised in two parts, each featuring a basement, nine upper storeys, and two penthouse floors. Each of the two and three-bedroom flats ranging from 40m² to 70m² in size has been fitted with large windows and balconies, while the flats on the penthouse floors have spacious terraces offering a breathtaking view over the roofs of the metropolis.

PORR was also responsible for the shared landscaped courtyards with trees, shrubs, lawns, playground equipment, and seating areas.

The basement of the complex houses the plant rooms and a spacious underground car park that can accommodate up to 71 cars and numerous bicycle parking spaces. The ground floor and the first floor have been designated for commercial use and offices.

Before beginning the structural work, a multi-storey car park with a transformer station and a cold store from the 1970s had to be demolished. The demolition work unearthed gravesites of an old cemetery and remains of medieval buildings. Despite having to allow for excavations by an archaeological team, the structural work was able to start without delay in April 2014. Excellent teamwork between the archaeologists and the PORR construction teams proved key for ensuring that construction could start on time.

Thanks to sophisticated planning and logistics, it was possible to shorten the construction period considerably, even while the work was underway. This also involved developing a new waste disposal concept that called for continuous site clean-up and disposal of residual and packaging materials. The structural work was completed in December 2014, one month ahead of schedule. This planning also meant that work on the facade and the interior fit-out could begin earlier than scheduled.

When it came to creating the facade, a number of interests had to be taken into account:  of the architectural team, the client, the city senate, and last but not least, of the facade expert who closely supervised the technical execution. The interior fit-out accommodated a wide variety of floor plans for the residential units, which meant that the bathrooms, for example, had to be fitted out individually.

The first tenants moved into their new flats on Alexanderplatz just one day after the complex was handed over to the client in September 2015. For PORR, this was yet another opportunity to prove that precise planning and execution and reliable adherence to deadlines are not mutually exclusive.