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Suburban railway tunnel Erding Ring Closure

Photo: An aerial photograph of the area shows the course of the new suburban railway tunnel.
Facts and Figures
Company Arge PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA / PORR Bau GmbH
PrincipalFlughafen München GmbH
LocationErding - Germany
Type Tunneling
Runtime01.2018 - 06.2021

Important link for public transport in the north of Munich

The railway tunnel already under the airport facilities is to be extended eastwards to the future airport border by an approximately 1,555 m long tunnel and a 306 m long ramp structure. The rectangular, single-celled tunnel with its clear width of 11 m offers space for 2 railway tracks. Subsequently, the above-ground line including the Schwaigerloh parking and turning facility will be built for the suburban trains and trains from north-eastern Bavaria. This reversing system highly stabilises the operating quality of suburban and regional traffic at the airport.

The tunnel structure will be constructed in an open construction method. The special feature of this project is the extremely tight timeline in the area of the eastern taxiway area of the satellite terminal. Around 250 m of tunnel construction will be erected here. As soon as the dismantling of the runway begins, only 9 months construction time is available to build the tunnel and to completely recommission the runway.

To the PORR Video Neubau des S-Bahntunnels "Erdinger Ringschluss" am Münchner Flughafen