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Secondary school building on Torquato Tasso Strasse, Munich

Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
Principal Landeshauptstadt München
Location Munich - Germany
Type Educational facilities
Runtime 10.2022 - 10.2023

New home für secondary school building

A new primary and secondary school building with an underground car park and basement is being built on the grounds of the school at Torquato Tasso Strasse 38 in the Milbertshofen district in munich, along with a central building featuring a cafeteria on the ground floor, a swimming pool and a two-court gymnasium on the first floor, and an all-weather sports pitch on the roof. PORR Hochbau Region South was commissioned by the City of Munich to carry out the structural work for the first construction stage. Our colleagues from PORR Steel and System Construction and IAT GmbH will also be on the spot to assist the Munich building construction team.

Braun Architekten developed the design for the new school grounds, which calls for replacing the existing primary and secondary school buildings with new ones and creating additional spaces. This will include facilities used by both schools (cafeteria, swimming pool, gymnasiums). In order to fit into the surrounding area, the construction scheme is divided into three structures, with the primary school in the west, and the central building with the sports facilities and the secondary school in the east.

The three buildings are grouped around a central outdoor space with the play areas. All the structures will have a separate entrance and their own address. The ground floor serves as a connecting element, linking the units like a platform and providing internal access. Building Construction Region South is responsible for the central building and the east wing.

Deadline compliance and high quality come first

With a 12-month construction period, the client's primary needs are deadline compliance and high quality based on increased tolerances. PORR’s many years of experience and strong, interdisciplinary team enable it to meet these requirements. Construction of the emergency exit balconies and staircases in fair-faced concrete quality poses a challenge, as these are usually manufactured and delivered as prefabricated elements. The Munich team will accomplish this by preparing the work meticulously in consultation with the architect and by working closely with the subcontractors.