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Prager Carrée

Photo: Prager Carrée in Dresden: The ground floor and first floor has retail areas. Apartments with covered balconies occupy the 2nd to 6th storey
Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA Building construction . Munich
PrincipalRevitalis Dritte Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH
LocationDresden - Germany
Type Shopping centres
Runtime07.2014 - 05.2016

Urban architecture and nature in the heart of the town

PORR has realised the project “Prager Carrée” incl. support structure planning and building equipment for Revitalis.
With approx. 8,500 pedestrians daily, the Prager Strasse is the most frequented shopping street in eastern Germany. Four buildings with six to seven storeys with living space and retail areas are harmonically grouped around a sheltered, lavishly planted inner courtyard.
The existing pit was excavated in 1999 in the scope of the development measures in the area of the Dresden main railway station. The property is enclosed by tunnelling from all sides. Except for the western side, their exterior walls also form the particular pit walls. The east-west tunnel system runs parallel to the southern land boundary, with the northern two-lane road being on the project site itself.
The ground floor and part of the first floor and the first basement floor at Prager Strasse and Wiener Platz accommodate retail space. The other areas as well as upper floors include 241 apartments with a living space of approx. 30 m² to approx. 180 m².

The two-storey underground car park has 327 lots for automobiles. In addition, the 2 basement floors, each with about 7,300 m² of gross floor space also accommodate the rooms for the building services and the tenant’s cellar rooms.
Along with the shops towards Prager Strasse and Wiener Platz, the ground floor with a total of 4,900 m² of gross floor space also includes 11 entrances, each with a staircase and a lift. The first to fifth storey each have approx. 17,000 m² of gross floor space with an average of 42 apartments. The 6th storey with about 2,600 m² of gross floor space is formed as retreating floor. 21 spacious penthouse apartments are located here towards Wiener Platz. All other apartments have a balcony or at the ground floor patios with a garden lot.