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New construction of two bridges, Buxtenhude A26

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Spezialtiefbau GmbH
Principal Buxtehude
Location Buxtehude - Germany
Type Foundations
Runtime 05.2017 - 06.2017

Pile foundations for construction work: BW 8091 + BW 8092a

With the new A26, around 50 km of motorway will been constructed to replace or to relieve the B73 between Hamburg and Cuxhaven. A connection to the A20, with a new Elbe crossing in Drochtersen, is also planned. Work on the A26 is currently being carried out just outside Buxtehude. PORR implemented the pile foundation for the larger Estebrücke bridge in early 2016. Two additional bridge construction projects have since been assigned to Fritz Spieker GmbH & Co. KG. PORR was again commissioned with the pile foundation work.

FRANKI PILE NG® with sleeve pipes
The site is characterised by flat marsh land with cable control. After a thin top layer, there are up to 4 m of peat, immediately followed by sand, which is underlain by clay/silt. The geotechnical engineer recommended in-situ concrete piles with closed sheet toes, because the closed sheeting of the individual pile toes can be adapted to the bedding conditions of the sand. In the peat, a sleeve is needed to support the fresh concrete columns. The carrying capacity of the selected FRANKI PILE NG® pile system has been previously tested on-site, by means of static load testing. A static pile test load was added to the abutment side of each of the test piles which had been created for this purpose. Subsequently, the pile construction took place.


192 FRANKI PILE NG® piles, ds/db = 61 cm, Nd ≤ = 3,400 kN, L ≤ = 11.40 m
4 static load tests