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New construction of the Carl-Ulrich Bridge

Photo: Panoramic view of the river Main, in the centre the shell of the bridge, two cargo ships position the midfield
Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
PrincipalDEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- u. bau GmbH
LocationOffenbach - Germany
Type Bridge building
Runtime09.2012 - 04.2015

New bridge connects Frankfurt and Offenbach

PORR was awarded the contract for the planning, demolition and replacement of the inner-city Carl Ulrich Bridge between Frankfurt and Offenbach across the River Main. The existing composite bridge was no longer stable and had a limited service life. The river areas were demolished by a floating crane, the foreland areas were demolished in parallel by a truck-mounted crane. The entire steel construction (without roadway slab) had a weight of approx. 770 to. The sections in the river area were excavated together with the roadway slab and each weighed approx. 230 tons. The demolition was carried out according to a concept specially developed by PORR.

As a replacement, a 3-span composite steel bridge was erected on the same site from a single cell box girder cross-section with a parabolically convex lower edge and solid reinforced concrete pillars. By increasing the maximum span for the central opening from currently 41 m to 112 m, relief was achieved for shipping on the Main.

The new bridge was built in confined spaces. With the exception of a four-week total closure, public road traffic could be maintained.

Technical data

  • Bridge class: 60/30
  • Length: 61.4/112/61.4 m, total: 234.8 m 
  • Sections: 3 sections, continuous beam
  • Cross-section: Single-cell composite cross-section
  • Roadway width: 8.00 m pedestrian/bicycle paths: 2 x 3.00 m
  • Overall width: 14.00 m
  • Construction height: 3.05 m (abutment), 5.05 m (pillar)
  • Standard assembly: ZTV-ING Part 7
  • Asphalt: 7.5 cm mastic asphalt 
  • Bearing: spherical plain bearings on the pillars and abutments
  • Forming surface: approx. 3.400 m² 
  • Construction steel: 1.400 tons
  • Reinforcing steel: 860 tons 
  • Construction concrete: 4,800 m³ 
  • Bridge area: 3,273 m²