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Metro section B Europa Quarter

Photo: The construction site near the start excavation pit is surrounded by roads. A construction fence separates the road from the construction site, where two concrete mixers and a crane are currently working.
Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA Infrastruktur Ingenieurbau
PrincipalStadtbahn Europaviertel Projektbaugesellschaft mbH
LocationFrankfurt - Germany
Type Tunneling
Runtime04.2017 - 07.2022

The first fully automatic tunnel-boring machine in Frankfurt

The development area European Quarter on the former main freight terminal of the city Frankfurt am Main is to be connected to the existing underground train network. This connection of the metro line will be at the existing structure under the “Platz der Republik”. The planned underground track near Europa Allee will be routed out of the tunnels using the mechanically bored (shield tunnelling) and cut-and-cover methods to the surface via a ramp structure.

The scope of the project is a 2-track extension of the underground line U5. The planned metro line has an overall length of approx. 2,750 m, the first section of which will be underneath existing buildings. The metro line will emerge above ground through a ramp structure on the Europa Allee and will be an overground structure from the Emser bridge going eastwards. The underground section will connect to the finished structure at the “Platz der Republic”. An emergency exit will also be constructed at the connection point. In addition, the underground station “Güterplatz” will be constructed using the cut-and-cover method on the underground line.

The mechanically bored structure includes the construction of two tunnel tubes with a length of segmental lining of approx. 827 m on track 1 and 842 m on track 2. Before the end of each shield tunnelling, seal blocks must be constructed on the connection walls at the existing structure at the Platz der Republik, and freeze walls on the connection walls. The machine boring ends short of the existing structure in the seal blocks constructed previously. The rest of the work through to the breakthrough for connection to the existing structure, will be mined.

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