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Mercaden, Dorsten

Facts and Figures
Company Oevermann Hochbau GmbH
Principal Galerie Lippe GmbH & Co. KG
Location Dorsten - Germany
Type Shopping centres
Runtime 10.2014 - 11.2016

Turnkey completion under the one roof

At 186m in length, 55m in breadth and containing 12,500m2 of retail space across two storeys, MERCADEN® DORSTEN has been providing a diverse and enjoyable shopping experience since 2016. Our Münster branch was responsible for the turnkey construction of the complex, including execution planning, formwork and reinforcement planning and technical building equipment. The technical centre is located on the roof, while the two basement floors contain parking for around 400 vehicles.

A new look for the old Hanseatic city

Like many middle-sized Westphalian municipalities, Dorsten boasts a rich history as a trading city. Its importance stemmed from its prime location on the lower course of the Lippe and at a crossroads of inter-regional trading and postal routes. The old town hall in the city’s historic centre harks back to its medieval heyday, when Dorsten first came to prominence as a Hanseatic city and shipbuilding hub. The beginning of the 20th century brought this to an end with the final transition to an industrial centre.

Two coal mining operations opened up in the area. When the Wesel-Datteln Canal was constructed to transport coal to the Ruhr region, the course of the Lippe was rerouted 400m to the north, and this artificial waterway now runs right through the city centre. After the coal mines closed down, Dorsten developed a new image as a service centre with superb leisure opportunities. The revitalisation of the city centre to include an attractive mix of offerings and diverse business sectors was high on the agenda, and the MERCADEN® played a significant role in this new image.

A top shopping location between the city’s historic centre and the canal

The shopping centre is located on the edge of Dorsten’s pedestrian zone and is bordered by the Wesel-Datteln Canal to the rear. Like the Lippetor Centre, established on the same site in the 80s, the MERCADEN® provides pedestrians and cyclists with direct access to the city’s historic centre via the Hochsteden Bridge.