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Lehrter Station, Berlin

Photo: Lehrter Station, Berlin: The railway tracks in the tunnel run in different directions
Facts and Figures
Company PORR Technobau Berlin GmbH and PORR Technobau und Umwelt AG in a consortium
PrincipalDB Netz AG, represented by DB Projekt Bau
LocationBerlin - Germany
Type Rail construction, Slab track system
Runtime01.2001 - 05.2005

Best connections in every direction

PORR was responsible for the new construction and expansion of the comprehensive railway system at Berlin’s new central station. Here, the “Austria Slab Track”, a ballastless system developed by PORR and ÖBB and based on elastically supported track base plates, was used on both the east-west and north-south lines – both of which were realised by the company. The east-west line was built in 2001–2002 using the slab track system and special steel constructions, with the 5.6km stretch consisting of 25 bridge support structures, four rail switches, six rail expansion joints and 50 roadway transitions. In turn, the north-south line, realised in 2002–2005, has a length of 21km and has 49 rail switches, with a 9km stretch in a new tunnel. A total of 902 track base plates were installed for the two projects.

In addition to building the slab track system, the project included all of the requisite planning services and acquiring all of the necessary permits. One particular challenge arose from the special constructions required in the joint construction, a challenge that PORR was able to overcome thanks to its cutting-edge knowhow and passion for innovation.