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Düte bridge on the A1 near Osnabrück

Photo: Construction work at the Düte bridge. A separate construction site road was installed. The motorway bridge with supporting frame can be seen on the left.
Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA Infrastruktur Ingenieurbau
LocationOsnabrück - Germany
Type Bridge building
Runtime06.2016 - 04.2021

New motorway bridge as replacement

In the course of extending the motorway A1, the Düte bridge near Osnabrück is being demolished and rebuilt in order to widen the carriageway on a 6-lane stretch. The Düte bridge is around 300 m long and crosses the river Düte, a railway line and a private access road to the nearby campsite. Clear heights of approx. 5 to 12 m are reached. The existing bridge was built as a single section with 2 lanes in each direction.

For demolition, the existing superstructure had to be supported by a supporting frame under one direction of travel and a demolition frame under the other. The bridge was then cut longways including transverse prestressing so that one section can be demolished and rebuilt while traffic continues to travel across the supported section. Then the other side will be demolished and rebuilt.